Tuesday, 30 December 2014

On Mama's Birthday...

Mama's birthday falls on the 28th of December, one day after my sis' birthday. If my sis is around I would party two days straight, seafood party. We found the oyster supplier. The oysters are flown in from I don't remember which country. Well, if you want to look at it that we're rich enough to splurge on food, we're not. The price of one oyster is cheaper than a small packet of nasi lemak. So, it's not costing us a bomb, unless we're getting a box of them. Even 10 pieces of oysters would cost less than a plate of chicken chop.

We tried three different flavours of steamed oysters. I would not want to eat raw oysters as the oysters flew in in a comatose frozen state. The hygiene might have been compromised. So, I did some Chinese style steamed oysters, more like my own concoction. One was with garlic and Taiwan's fermented black beans. Another would be sliced Bentong ginger with some chillies and sesame oil. I took the one with the sweet beans with garlic and some brewed soy sauce. I have no liking for sesame oil. I think I set the timer too long. Would try it again and lessen the time by a few more minutes.
We bought the frozen lobsters. I asked hubby to order one but actually hubby said I asked him to order two. In the end we ordered three. I would like to have slipper lobsters as well but either we forget to place the order or the supplier didn't hear us loud and clear. Never mind, that cold storage bunk would be my new marketplace. I didn't know how to handle the freezing cold lobsters so I spent some time Googling about the best ways to prepare those lobsters. I have never even prepare a crab dish. Only hubby knows how to handle those crawling crabs. 
We did a photography session with the lobsters. We only go to Victoria Station for live lobsters and we felt that we were taking too long to had selfies with the lobster who would have to die for our appetite. Then, we felt sorry for the live crabs. Next time round, we would try having live Boston lobsters and experiment with cooking it. The lobsters are really beautiful and it's just like an overgrown mantis prawn. 
The one on the left was grilled. I have seen how Kampachi at Equatorial Hotel grilled the slipper lobster so I did the same style. I placed that second best only. Hubby would prefer his lobster to be baked in cheese but I dare not try doing that yet. Next time round I would try that.

The one in the middle was for mama. It was boiled in prepared stock. This wasn't really great because the sweetness of the lobster went into the soup. The flesh was a little bit on the hard side.

The best would be steamed. So, next time I'm just going to steam those lobsters. The taste was perfect. You'll need to set the timer for steaming seafood. You don't want it to be overcooked. All in all, having a lobster on the dining table is not something to shout about. It's expensive because it's flown in so you have to pay for the transportation and the boarding. Lobster meat is totally different from the mud crab meat but slipper lobster would taste better compared to lobster meat.
While having a selfie with my steamed lobster, I realized that the claws were missing. Where are the claws? I need those claws~! Those claws have lots of meat~!!! Will ask the supplier when he calls tomorrow... *sigh*
Grilled lobster meat with hubby's delicious fried rice was terrific~!! That would be lobster fried rice... I wonder how much would it cost to have that in a restaurant?

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