Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Result of 'I Don't Know What to Cook'...

I'm a little lazy today. I just want to stuck my arse at the computer without going anywhere. Today's menu should be fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce but I don't want to touch any chicken neither do I want to deep fry anything. Then there's suppose to be a big pot of curry with vegetables. I gave it a long thought last night about the pot of vegetables. I know I won't like it at all. I don't fancy having vegetable curry. Don't fancy having a big pot of vegetables but I already bought the whole farm of vegetables. 
I'm a meat eater. Yesterday night, the hubby gave an idea about cooking with either muscle meat or pork ribs. So I remembered that there's some pork ribs left in the freezer drawer. I was thinking about braising the meat. I love braised dishes. Then, I marinated them with curry powder and Thai chilli sauce and lots more stuff. And I remembered about the French beans in the refrigerator drawer. I walked out of my house in my pyjamas to cut some curry leaves and spring onions. It's really good to have a garden filled with herbs. Looks like I'm going to redo my garden no matter how small it is. I got that pork dish perfectly braised and the texture was so good. I'm so proud of myself.
I have prawns but just prawns would be really empty. I had two small aubergine. Cut them length-wise and started frying. Used whatever ketchup I managed to shake out of the almost empty bottle. Used up the one and only onion left, too. Lazy me managed to come out with two dishes. Then I saw more vegetables and took them out as they are perishable goods. They wouldn't survive to see the next week coming.
Cabbage soup to the rescue. Carrots to make the soup sweet. But I put radish as I have half of it left and it has erased whatever sweetness coming from the carrot. That's all for today. Lazy me put the recipe book aside and started meddling with everything according to my liking.

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