Friday, 16 January 2015

The Way to a Man's Heart...

..... is through his stomach...
Isn't that the correct saying? I'm like a worm crawling all over the hubby's stomach and I can poke through his stomach wall and tickle his heart. Today, I set the table with these few plates for the hubby.
 What transpired in the kitchen....
The long eggplant was cut into slices. I kinda enjoy cutting eggplant. It's unlike slicing carrots or potatoes. And the skin need not be peeled. Makes life easier. Pan fry the eggplant slices and wait for them to cool. While waiting, do something else.
I put the muscles cubes to cook. And while doing so, I tried some deep fried dish. It's enorki mushroom. I'm very proud of my deep-frying skill. It's very crunchy but oily. I like the shape actually.
That's a web of enorki mushroom~! It just stick together while swimming in the hot oil. I didn't know I have such frying skill. Hubby love this to bits. I know he enjoys deep-fried food. Who doesn't? Oh, mi mama doesn't like deep-fried oily food.
The caramelized pork cubes were done in another wok. You just pour a whole lot of water in and throw in a huge chunk of rock sugar then let it simmer. It will turn into such way without you controlling it.
The eggplants were lined on the aluminium foil but before that you just need to smear a layer of miso paste on it. Then leave the whole thing in the oven for 15 minutes. Don't put too much of miso paste. Mine is on the saltier side. Don't really enjoy it. And after I'm done with everything, only then I realized that they were all dry dishes. I need soupy dish. I'm a Chinese.
I started rummaging through the refrigerator drawer and I took out two potatoes and a carrot. Then, dug out an onion and threw them into a small pot. Viola~! Got soup~! Egg drop soup~! I used up the egg white after using the egg yolks for the enorki web dish.
The enorki web was mixed with egg yolks, oat and curry leaves. I think I forget to put in the seasoning but it was tasty all the same as I altered the batter before deep-frying those enorki mushroom. 

Who cares what we eat? By the way, the way to a man's heart is NOT through his stomach. 

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