Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tomorrow's Breakfast...

I want a cake. Just craved to have a cake. My precious is around doing nothing. Asked her to bake me a cake and she said okay. But what cake? I asked her to simply pick a book and I will randomly open up a page. My first pick was the red velvet cake but I have done that page twice already. I randomly turned to another page and landed on the chocolate Valentine cake.

It's not Valentine's Day and I have no care for any occasion. I glanced through the ingredients and ticked them off mentally. There's everything in the kitchen and refrigerator. What complete kitchen I have.

There are people who will say that if you want a cake, go buy lar~! I'm stingy and my pocket will be greatly hurt because the other day, like for the first time in my life, I actually 'saw' the price of a cake. It's roughly around RM70 but but but the ingredients used for today's cake is less than RM10. It's done though... I have what I craved for but we will attack the cake tomorrow morning. 

Now I know why are there so many strawberries in the picture. Those strawberries are used to cover the pockmarks on the uneven surface of the cake. I'm okay without raspberries firstly because I don't have raspberries grown in my garden and secondly, I don't eat raspberries. 

PS. I will need to bake my own cake again after my precious leaves for her tertiary education. She got an offer letter to study as a physician but she's 99% not taking it up. No doctor in the house then... *not that I want her to be one if she doesn't want to be one* 

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