Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Mixture of Western and Chinese...

That's rice with tomato gravy, topped with mozzarella cheese melted in the oven. It's baked cheesy tomato rice with pork chop. The rice was suppose to be fried but I just added the needed seasoning directly into the rice cooker. The pork chop was marinated and then shallow fry in the pen. The tomato gravy was prepared separately. The whole thing looked simple but just too many steps. Thank God it turned out perfectly.
That's the Chinese double-boiled soup with a little herbs. Very simple and takes just 1.5 hours. I was suppose to use pork shin but I don't know which part is pork shin so I went to the market to buy pork knuckle and amazingly, I forgot to bring money. But the butcher was nice enough to ask me to take and leave, settle about the payment some other time. What's added were dried lychee and largehead atracylodes, in Chinese it's called bai zhu. Don't know what's that... don't know what kinda plants it's taken from. Don't bother to learn... yet. 

So, that's for yesterday, Tuesday... saw my neighbours not working, so dragged them over for lunch.

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