Saturday, 4 April 2015

Banana to the Rescue~!

Mi mama made this banana oreo cake. Me like it~! It's nice because of the bananas, not because of the Oreo. I dislike Oreo~!
I'm really into Chinese cuisine especially soups these days. So, I tried out this winter melon soup with golden thread and dunno what other herbs. It's a waste of the winter melon. It's so bitter that I could add a barrel of sugar but it would be of no help. Mi mama ended up finishing them all while the hubby could not handle the bitterness as well. Weird that the hubby could eat such bitter bitter gourd but could not have this.
Mi mama then fry some vegetables as vegetables are perishable goods so I guessed it's not nice to throw food away. I added some oyster sauce to make it tastier... The best is the one below~!
I may not get to have my soup but I tried this which I think before long, everybody else would be trying this. It's just bananas with bacon~! Roll them up and it's awesome~! Enough of having enorki rolled with bacon... It's banana for now~!
I have some cheesy baked chicken marinated with chilli powder.... not bad but should have been tastier if the marinade has been made better...

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