Monday, 13 April 2015

Simple is Good Enough...

I can't seem to even keep up in writing this blog every day. I have other things to do which are more important than keeping the blog alive. Last Wednesday, I just prepared something really simple. It's baked chicken in BBQ sauce and .... I no longer remember how the drumsticks tasted like. Can't remember at all. Just knew that it was juicy enough.
This I remember. It's golden egg dumpling. I can remember this because I have to painstakingly made that omelette one by one filled with minced meat wrapped into a dumpling-like style. The soup was cooked separately, of course. Anything soup with carrot is good~!
Hubby's favourite dish of bitter gourd. I cooked this with mandarin peel and... and.... don't remember. I did not even bother to taste the dish before deciding that it's well done. The last time I tasted the bitter gourd, it was so bitter thus, no more tasting. Good enough that I'm willing to prepare this dish~!
Mi mama made this Nestum cereal chocolate cookies. It's awesome~! We finished the whole container before the weekend arrived...

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