Friday, 17 April 2015

Too Simple... Too Little...

I have a big appetite. The white pomfret was tiny. So small. I wonder how did a family of seven share this small fish. The four of us shared this. The fish can't even last till dinner. It was finished in minutes if not seconds. I just steamed this with I don't remember what I mix in the soupy concoction. I just know I need to make it tasty and without fishy smell. I do not use ginger because I dislike ginger. One accidental bite on a small slice of ginger be it the local ginger or Bentong ginger, I dislike ginger.
Hubby bought lots of vegetables so mi mama was put to task to prepare vege dishes. I will swallow those vege as long as it's not bitter. I'm still wondering since when I have such colourful leaf-decorated plate... never seen one before.
I love Chinese-style lazy people's soup. Throw everything into the pot and let it sit on the hot stove for an hour and a half. This soup concoction has something called astralagus roots. At this age now, I love drinking soup but have no interest to further understand where do the roots come from. Wait till one day when I have the interest to acquire such complicated knowledge.

I ended up asking my precious to make us omelette to fill up the stomach. She's equally as famished. We're all big eaters...

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