Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Best Cheesecake I've Ever Tasted...

We wanted to try Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake. I even queued up at the counter thinking the line was short so I should be blessed until the lady who just paid at the counter told me that I only needed to pay up and pick up the cake roughly four hours later. I stepped out of the queue as fast as I stepped into the queue. Smart eh, to create such need in people. When you need to queue up then everybody thinks that it's so good that it's a MUST BUY.

Why not just wait for the hype to blow over? I will not queue and wait for a small and expensive cake for four hours or be told that it's finish. I'm not a desperate buyer. So, mi mama ended up making this cotton cheesecake. It's the best ever... it's so soft and you feel like floating in the air after having it. My piranhas swallowed the cake whole and we wouldn't mind having this everyday. 

From The Hubby and My Precious...

Two Sundays ago, hubby woke up early to make mui choy fried rice but he used too much dried prawns and it became a tad too salty. The leftover was still in the fridge. We will only throw it away once some microorganisms started to grow then at least we have a good reason to throw it away.
I asked my precious to make me banana ice-cream. I have an odd relationship with bananas. I don't really like bananas eaten just like that but I like them especially when they were deep fried or wrapped around with bacon or cooked with anything. The ice-cream was as smooth and creamy as the rocky road but many do not know how to enjoy this. No wonder Haagen dare not sell this flavor or else the tub would be full throughout the year.

*This blog is halfway dead. The blogger tried to dig out as much free time as possible but found none in hand*

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Something Simmered... and the Yellow Loaf...

The best dish but after looking at so much meat in one pot, it's sort of a turn-off. I have the whole pork knuckles, two strips of pork belly and a whole lot of bacon with some Brazilian black nuts simmering in the pot. We had this for two days in a row, that's my purpose of cooking a big pot of it.
Mama made this odd looking yellow loaf with turmeric powder. The crust was good and overall it's good.
There's a hole in the middle. Looks like someone has dug a hole out of it.

Coconut Water Rice...

It's not cooked with coconut milk like nasi lemak. The rice was cooked with coconut water. Just add some bacon into it before you press the 'cook' button on the rice cooker. I did add a lot more stuff to enhance the flavour. The best style of rice-cooking I've ever tasted.
I braised the chicken instead of sending them into the fryer. Just too lazy to deep fry at times.Deep frying is hubby's all time favourite~!
This steam fish was better but I dumped in all the celery before they rot and ended up in the rubbish dump.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Save by the Loaf...

That's the fish with salted vegetables. I do not like the taste likewise, I think the hubby dislike it, too. But he didn't say much. When he says it's okay, it tastes okay means it's not as good compared to previous day.
The vegetable dish was horrible. I really have no skills in preparing vegetables.
Mi mama's loaf came to the rescue. We were saved by the loaf. Had those with Nutella. Anything with Nutella is perfectly good.

Udon and Ice-cream...

Today I do not have to cook. Hubby took back home a lot of food because they're celebrating Teachers' Day in school. So, I eat photos from last week's meals. Last Monday, everything was done in a simple manner. It's just udon in miso soup with meatballs. On Sunday, I cooked too much and was really tired from standing in the kitchen, so on Monday I have no more energy left.
And we had a scoop of rocky road ice-cream each. It's the leftovers from Sunday with only 3 scoops to be exact. This was done by my precious. Thank you, love~!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Yen's Chicken Chop...

For the first time in my life, I de-boned the whole leg on my own. Last time, hubby did it. We learned it from the market. You want to learn anything about cleaning up the fish, removing the gills and scaling, just go to the wet market and stand there. Observe. After the neighbour made us the chicken chop, I decided to make a different one. I deep-fried my chicken chop because the hubby and the precious love deep-fried food.
After observing hubby deep frying for many years, I've finally mastered my deep frying skill with no accidents like splashing oil or setting the whole house on fire.
I did not cook rice but I stirred fry a wok of udon noodles with some prawns found nestled in a corner of the freezer.
I made hubby's favourite bitter gourd dish in a soupy style with Chinese cabbage and fish paste. Next time I will have to remind myself to make myself a small pot of soup before sliding in those bitter gourds.
Then mi mama made these awesome braided raisin buns. It's so soft I can sleep with it. *nom nom nom*

Friday, 8 May 2015

Luffa.... Oooo...

I love bull's eyes and mi mama made them for me in the morning, with two slices of my basmati bread.
Lunch was steamed black tilapia. I don't know why when you steam the red tilapia, the taste was so awful. Black tilapia has a firmer texture. And I don't remember how that dish tasted like.
The vegetables looked like a disaster but the minced meat complemented the dish really well. I still have no skills with vegetables.
I have no idea what's luffa until recently. But I dislike it.The black rock was black dates if I remembered correctly. 
Hungry hands mean shaky hands. This chicken dish was braised with coconut milk. The taste was overall wonderful. 

Basmati Loaf... Superb~!

Last two Wednesday was the most perfect. Well, sometimes I do face kitchen malfunction where everything I cooked, I felt that there's no kick in the taste at all. But I really enjoyed what I made for last two Wednesday. That's French beans with minced meat. The carrots from China made the taste up by another level. Thanks to my rabbits. As long as they love the carrots, means the carrots are real juicy and sweet. Yeah, we are choosy in food and same goes with the rabbits.
Then, we had peanut soup boiled for many hours. I always don't have time to do anything but I was surprised that I do have time to double boil soup for 4 hours and braised meat for one hour. There goes my time... spent in the kitchen.
I braised chicken instead of pork. The result was so so... I still prefer braised pork.
The creamiest and smoothest ice-cream we ever had. The secret to such perfect texture of ice-cream is to master the art of stirring. My precious did this as I can't find any extra time to do it. I will do the second batch of ice-cream though. While she was stirring, we agreed to pay Haagen Dasz for whatever the amount.
Have you heard of basmati loaf? The taste is better than any wholemeal loaf. On Tuesday night after my class, my neighbour was just sitting around in the house and since I have brainwashed her until she has gotten herself a breadmaker, I get her hooked by letting her flip through my bread book. Then, I saw a recipe about basmati loaf and I ended up doing it because we eat basmati rice everyday.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Served in A Wok...

We bought a pumpkin too big. So, two Tuesdays ago, after dragging the neighbour over for dinner on Monday, we dragged them over on Tuesday as well.I also cannot remember how did this dish taste like.
The lotus roots were boiled and before it was done, the whole Jenahak fish was sent into the wok swimming away. As it was too heavy to move the fish and I was afraid I might break the fish into two, I sent the whole wok to the table. It was easier that way. Whoever says that one must be served on plates? Have you seen restaurants serving their customers with chopping board? Nothing wrong right? Sometimes we eat straight from the pot or the frying pan. Save washing up a load.
There's something missing in my dhall that makes it not thick even after two hours.The missing part was the missing potatoes but hubby rescued the dish for dinner before being served to the neighbour.
My favourite of all, my braised pork belly with salted fish, if I'm not mistaken...and I'm lazy to keep this blog alive. I'm getting really tired with not much free time in hand. Who bothers what I eat or cook? I don't even remember....

Two Mondays Ago....

... I don't remember what I cooked. I'm looking at this photo of my lunch of two Mondays ago and I know I don't have to ask mi mama or the hubby, no one remembers. I just know it's pork ribs and that's it. I have no recollection of the taste or whatsoever.
I remembered that I did a blunder with this plate of lala. They were overcooked and I was upset.
I have this wonderful seafood bowl of soup but yeah, I don't remember the taste. It must be sourish and sweet and salty.
I remember this though. The outer layer was that of orange sweet potato while the filing was that of the softest yam I've ever tasted. Hubby deep-fried them for dinner.
And I dragged the neighbour over for dinner. She made a pot of chai boey and she made really good chai boey according to everyone else except me. I don't take chai boey, not even a sip.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tea Break at the Neighbour's...

My neighbour, Amanda loves all sorts of shell fish. Last Sunday, after church, hubby and I dropped by at the afternoon wet market in Batu Lanchang and I bought a kilo of lala and a kilo of cockles. It's overly cheap. A kilo of cockles cost RM4.50 and a kilo of lala was only RM9. Called the neighbour when we were home but since her hubby was out and she's left with a jumping-around toddler and another sleeping toddler, I decided to bring food over. You can't leave a sleeping child alone at home. I blanched half a kilo of cockles in hot water and another half, after blanching, I broke off half the shell. Then, the gravy was done in a wok, turned off the fire and mix the half-opened cockles together with the gravy. Put in two twigs of curry leaves and you're done~!

No tea has been served though. We had lychee drink over at the neighbour's and we had raisin scones as well.
This was way better than the earlier plain and empty scones. The texture was softer... and we had a good chat in the afternoon until it started pouring cats and dogs.