Friday, 1 May 2015

Tea Break at the Neighbour's...

My neighbour, Amanda loves all sorts of shell fish. Last Sunday, after church, hubby and I dropped by at the afternoon wet market in Batu Lanchang and I bought a kilo of lala and a kilo of cockles. It's overly cheap. A kilo of cockles cost RM4.50 and a kilo of lala was only RM9. Called the neighbour when we were home but since her hubby was out and she's left with a jumping-around toddler and another sleeping toddler, I decided to bring food over. You can't leave a sleeping child alone at home. I blanched half a kilo of cockles in hot water and another half, after blanching, I broke off half the shell. Then, the gravy was done in a wok, turned off the fire and mix the half-opened cockles together with the gravy. Put in two twigs of curry leaves and you're done~!

No tea has been served though. We had lychee drink over at the neighbour's and we had raisin scones as well.
This was way better than the earlier plain and empty scones. The texture was softer... and we had a good chat in the afternoon until it started pouring cats and dogs.

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