Saturday, 6 June 2015

Good Food...

It's suppose to be cooked in a claypot. But I changed it to just normal pan. Deep fried the chicken first and then made the gravy separately. It's my first cooking with those whole shallots. It was simply tasty, wished I cooked the whole legs instead of just the thighs then I will have more food for myself.
Couldn't remember how the taste was but I see mushrooms there, fresh shiitake mushrooms and I know it was another good dish.
Mi madre made the best cheesecake ever~! That's a non-bake cheesecake but it was a little too sour with the lemon juice. Hubby's tummy couldn't take it and he threw up all night long while I was asleep. He threw up loud enough for me to wake up a second or two.
Mi mama's Hokkaido milk loaf was really good. Love it to bits. Some might not know how to appreciate the taste and texture, saying that it's just normal white bread but well, if you're not into bread, then you won't know much of the difference. It's better than any white bread that I've tasted before.
It's mango season now, time to make something out of it...

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