Friday, 5 June 2015

I Heart Fried Chicken...

Hubby used to fry really nice fried chicken until I have learn how to deep fry properly. I like juicy fried chicken not those fried until dry and you can feel that you're chewing on the bones.
It's a Thai dish so I made the sourish peanut sauce to go with the chopped up chicken. This was what we ate a few weeks back. These two weeks of school holidays, I'm off from my kitchen. One needs to rest in order to cook better. It's like taking a holiday and then you will feel energized once you start working again. After being away from the desktop for days, I feel really good sitting in front of it again. But I'll have to start working again in 20 minutes' time. *shucks*
It's Thai galore for this month actually with the squid in cabbage soup. Don't really remember what's down there underneath the spring onions. But I know it's good food.
That's my favourite spinach with dried scallops... don't remember the taste... should be just nice only... I miss that fried chicken... will ask the hubby to make some fried chicken next week.

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