Friday, 8 May 2015

Basmati Loaf... Superb~!

Last two Wednesday was the most perfect. Well, sometimes I do face kitchen malfunction where everything I cooked, I felt that there's no kick in the taste at all. But I really enjoyed what I made for last two Wednesday. That's French beans with minced meat. The carrots from China made the taste up by another level. Thanks to my rabbits. As long as they love the carrots, means the carrots are real juicy and sweet. Yeah, we are choosy in food and same goes with the rabbits.
Then, we had peanut soup boiled for many hours. I always don't have time to do anything but I was surprised that I do have time to double boil soup for 4 hours and braised meat for one hour. There goes my time... spent in the kitchen.
I braised chicken instead of pork. The result was so so... I still prefer braised pork.
The creamiest and smoothest ice-cream we ever had. The secret to such perfect texture of ice-cream is to master the art of stirring. My precious did this as I can't find any extra time to do it. I will do the second batch of ice-cream though. While she was stirring, we agreed to pay Haagen Dasz for whatever the amount.
Have you heard of basmati loaf? The taste is better than any wholemeal loaf. On Tuesday night after my class, my neighbour was just sitting around in the house and since I have brainwashed her until she has gotten herself a breadmaker, I get her hooked by letting her flip through my bread book. Then, I saw a recipe about basmati loaf and I ended up doing it because we eat basmati rice everyday.

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