Sunday, 31 May 2015

From The Hubby and My Precious...

Two Sundays ago, hubby woke up early to make mui choy fried rice but he used too much dried prawns and it became a tad too salty. The leftover was still in the fridge. We will only throw it away once some microorganisms started to grow then at least we have a good reason to throw it away.
I asked my precious to make me banana ice-cream. I have an odd relationship with bananas. I don't really like bananas eaten just like that but I like them especially when they were deep fried or wrapped around with bacon or cooked with anything. The ice-cream was as smooth and creamy as the rocky road but many do not know how to enjoy this. No wonder Haagen dare not sell this flavor or else the tub would be full throughout the year.

*This blog is halfway dead. The blogger tried to dig out as much free time as possible but found none in hand*

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