Thursday, 7 May 2015

Served in A Wok...

We bought a pumpkin too big. So, two Tuesdays ago, after dragging the neighbour over for dinner on Monday, we dragged them over on Tuesday as well.I also cannot remember how did this dish taste like.
The lotus roots were boiled and before it was done, the whole Jenahak fish was sent into the wok swimming away. As it was too heavy to move the fish and I was afraid I might break the fish into two, I sent the whole wok to the table. It was easier that way. Whoever says that one must be served on plates? Have you seen restaurants serving their customers with chopping board? Nothing wrong right? Sometimes we eat straight from the pot or the frying pan. Save washing up a load.
There's something missing in my dhall that makes it not thick even after two hours.The missing part was the missing potatoes but hubby rescued the dish for dinner before being served to the neighbour.
My favourite of all, my braised pork belly with salted fish, if I'm not mistaken...and I'm lazy to keep this blog alive. I'm getting really tired with not much free time in hand. Who bothers what I eat or cook? I don't even remember....

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