Sunday, 10 May 2015

Yen's Chicken Chop...

For the first time in my life, I de-boned the whole leg on my own. Last time, hubby did it. We learned it from the market. You want to learn anything about cleaning up the fish, removing the gills and scaling, just go to the wet market and stand there. Observe. After the neighbour made us the chicken chop, I decided to make a different one. I deep-fried my chicken chop because the hubby and the precious love deep-fried food.
After observing hubby deep frying for many years, I've finally mastered my deep frying skill with no accidents like splashing oil or setting the whole house on fire.
I did not cook rice but I stirred fry a wok of udon noodles with some prawns found nestled in a corner of the freezer.
I made hubby's favourite bitter gourd dish in a soupy style with Chinese cabbage and fish paste. Next time I will have to remind myself to make myself a small pot of soup before sliding in those bitter gourds.
Then mi mama made these awesome braided raisin buns. It's so soft I can sleep with it. *nom nom nom*

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