Thursday, 7 May 2015

Two Mondays Ago....

... I don't remember what I cooked. I'm looking at this photo of my lunch of two Mondays ago and I know I don't have to ask mi mama or the hubby, no one remembers. I just know it's pork ribs and that's it. I have no recollection of the taste or whatsoever.
I remembered that I did a blunder with this plate of lala. They were overcooked and I was upset.
I have this wonderful seafood bowl of soup but yeah, I don't remember the taste. It must be sourish and sweet and salty.
I remember this though. The outer layer was that of orange sweet potato while the filing was that of the softest yam I've ever tasted. Hubby deep-fried them for dinner.
And I dragged the neighbour over for dinner. She made a pot of chai boey and she made really good chai boey according to everyone else except me. I don't take chai boey, not even a sip.

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