Monday, 8 December 2014

A Two-Fold Dinner....

Food from the kitchen...
Yesterday, a Sunday, we hosted a very unique long-table dinner. It was split into two continuous session. Both groups had the same food though. However, I felt that the food was too little. I will increase the number of dishes the next round they come over for dinner, and make it grander. 
Hubby and his old friend and family...
The family who came first was hubby's long lost ex-classmates back in high school when I didn't even exist in this world. They seemed to pick up from where they stopped some 30 years plus back. This man is one very knowledgeable man. Just listening to the conversation made my day. They don't eat much though, small eaters but cheery and happy family. Wife doesn't talk much. Thank you for coming over. I thought they would stay on until the next group come then that would be really great. The next group of people are really good in talking preaching. Yes, I said preaching. They are really very good, trust me on that. They can make you fall off the chair laughing.
The anointed guests :D
We joined in the second group. Hubby's family walked out of the house and drove off then their cars drove up and they walked in. What a way of not meeting at all. These are the prophets, the men of God. Preachers, pastors, prophets and evangelists are not those scary people who always only say Hallelujah, God bless you, Amen and Repent~!! They have marvelous parables for the modern days and they are humorous people. It's really great to have them over. I don't mind holding a banquet for them. So who's who in the photo? There's one from Bangalore, India, there's one Sarawakian, there's one Chinese who doesn't look like Chinese at all.... and so on and so forth. You want to know how interesting it is to listen to them? Join us at the next conference in Kuala Lumpur. Will give more details soon.

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