Sunday, 14 December 2014

Yen Went For A Potluck~!

One doesn't go to Tesco to do grocery shopping only. One can easily pay for a car and put the car in the grocery bag. Tesco has everything under one roof. I haven't come to that position to buy a car and tick it off my grocery list. Anyway, a car doesn't exist under the grocery list as a car can't be cooked and eaten... .hehehe.... 

I was invited by a Facebook friend to his place for a potluck session. Fancy going to a stranger's place bringing food. I was thinking this particular person must have mistaken me for my cousin-out-law. But it's not so. Well, actually I invited him and his family over first for lunch for the fun of it. I do invite strangers over for dinner so having strangers over for lunch was no big deal. we were thinking of what to bring over for potluck. We're not that good with potluck, we were afraid that we would drag our whole kitchen to another person's place. That's why usually we prefer playing host for parties and long table dinner. Now that I'm typing away, a sudden thought just dropped into my head. I have never hosted hi-tea before, with those cute little tartlets and all. Oh, I have no skills with cute stuff. I make everything big. I adopted part of this China mentality when I first went there. Everything must be big and huge. 
Hubby decided to make a simple yet delicious stir-fry Hong Kong noodles. We went straight to the supplier/factory to get those Hong Kong noodles. Then, we went back to nap because we were all so tired. Too tired to even do anything. But I de-veined and removed the shell of the prawns and marinated the minced meat before I collapsed on the bed. The alarm clock one hour later felt like we've only dozed off 5 minutes ago. But hubby managed to come out with that tray of noodles. I have no such skill. 
And we made those potato crisps. I used a small knife to carve out those thin potato slices and painstakingly poke them through the satay sticks. It took me hours to do them. Do you really believe that? If I really need to do that, then nobody will get to eat potatoes in my house anymore. We have those quite often in the house. Actually hubby bought the machine so I just need to push the stick into the potato's rear end and make it appear on another end, stuck it to the hole of the machine and started turning the handle. Viola~! The potatoes were cut and you just need to separate those slices or it would never be crispy. The seasoning was done by the hubby so please don't ask me how was it done. While those were still frying, I had lots of them stuff into my mouth first. They were so crispy and good. It's hard not to eat first. 
The potluck time was 6pm and terrible us were just starting with the deep-frying at that time. Talk about Malaysian time, we arrived at roughly around 7:30pm or was it at 8pm? Yet we were the first to arrive. Hallelujah~! But it's not always that everybody was like that. Then we strangers need nothing to break the ice. We were hungry so strangers or no strangers, gimme the food~!!!

PS. My long table dinner is usually at 6:30pm. Anyone who comes two hours later, will be left with only some gravy to lick from the plate. If the gravy is very good, then no gravy to lick. No rice left usually. I know how to cook rice of the exact amount. Probably late comers for my long table dinner or party will end up washing plates and cleaning up the house.

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