Monday, 15 December 2014

The Bread & The Leftover...

Yesterday mi mama made me a tupperware of egg and tuna sandwich. I finished up most of them not at one go. Finished them all today. I love sandwiches but I don't know how to make them.
The leftover chicken. I added some potatoes, carrots and water while hubby added abalone sauce and other seasoning to make the soup more tasty. 
The leftover rice was taken out from the refrigerator and hubby fried them. Hubby is good in making fried rice. I did not acquire such skill after so many years in cooking. That's all for yesterday. Nothing much for today... we had satay from Teluk Kumbar Seafood. Went to collect them after our last class. The joy of knowing people is you just need to pick up your phone, make a phone call and place your order. We went to collect the satay without having to wait. Thank you for such wonderful service.

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