Sunday, 28 December 2014

Homemade Fish Balls...

On Boxing Day, hubby decide to use the Christmas gift he gave me. I gave it back to him because I knew he wanted that new toy more than I needed it. It was a meat mincer that he wanted so much from the market. It's very dangerous to let hubby wander around the market on his own. He could spend more than a shopaholic. Thus, on Boxing Day, hubby filleted a fish or two. I don't know what he did actually. I was busy stuck on my computer and I saw a few photos from his Facebook that he posted up. Terrible wife? Nah... If I'm in the kitchen together with him, he wouldn't get to play with his new toy and we would be quarreling over some petty issue like don't pile those plates up high in the sink. I always wash every plate after I used them so by the time I'm done cooking, I'm done washing as well. Hubby is my total opposite. After he cooks, it looks like a hurricane has tore through the kitchen. So, I always wait until he's ready to serve me then only I go to the kitchen.
I had meatballs too for dinner. Hubby didn't cook rice~! He expected me to eat those fish balls and meat balls and be filled to the brim. He made me a nice bowl of Mi Sedap. He's a first timer in making those two different kind of balls so he needs to improve much. It's not as bouncy as the ones selling in the market. I wonder whether they add any chemical to make those fish balls really bouncy. 
So, that's what I had for dinner on Boxing Day. Did you notice my Doraemon bowls? I bought 3 sets of Doraemon bowls which come in three different sizer per box. That's the small and the medium ones. The biggest ones I have yet to use it. I'm actually showing off my Doraemon bowls...

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