Thursday, 4 December 2014

Coconut & Pineapple...

When my kitchen crew came back on Monday for class, they told me that they did not have a chance to even try the coconut steamboat. Oh, that's really bad. While others have a taste of both the steamboat soups, the ones who worked really hard to make the party happen shouldn't be sidelined. On Tuesday, we had the coconut steamboat all over again. I had to leave the house early to work so I wrote down a list of things to get from the market for hubby. He went sourcing for them and dragged everything home. It was then arranged nicely while waiting for me to come home during lunch hour. I don't know what time is lunch actually. I reached home at 2:15p.m. and then we started eating.
There are various types of soup base. The most common one would be using the big pork bones and keep them in the slow cooker overnight. Earlier, I used big pork bones and also duck bones. This one using only pandan coconut water, I learnt from Shenzhen, China. Who says China has lousy food? You don't have to boil the coconut water first. Just go get the coconuts by the truckload if you're going to have many people coming over for the coconut water steamboat. Throw everything in and wait for the soup to boil. We didn't pull to extend our transformer dining table. The whole table looked really cramped. 
My kitchen crew with all the food. Don't need to serve anyone. Just serve self. We had that a few rounds. My precious was having her piano class at that time so we started off without her. Actually she started before they come and they she continued on after her class. A small table makes it feel cozier. 
Mi mama baked a box of pineapple cookies, pineapple rolls... whatever. Don't know how to call them as long as you know what they looked like. We had the best time fellowship-ing together. The kitchen is the best place to sit around. They really like sitting in the kitchen even when there's no food around. With food around, the kitchen will be congested. 

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