Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Those Skin :D

Last Saturday, hubby cooked. Hubby always have surprises under his sleeves. That's pork with some delicious gravy. Don't know what was it though. Hungry people will not ask too much. But that's not the highlight of the day.
I love that chicken~!!! The skin looked like those of KFC's hot and spicy chicken. Mayonnaise made everything delicious. How could anyone not like them :D I wish hubby could remember how to make this. He doesn't seem to remember.... not like I could remember my own concoction :D We never want to write down anything because anything written down would go missing, no matter how big the piece of paper is. Even writing in books, the books would go missing. Then, I would turn the whole house upside down just looking for the missing book which I would not even remember how does the cover look like. Then, when I found the missing book, it was actually in another book. So, don't bother :D
This was even better. It's cheesy pork~! It's so good I could finish the whole wok-ful. Heheee..... I love it when hubby cooks but hubby always take long hours to get things done.... Then, I would be so hungry. The lunch time would turn into dinner time. I always wonder what took him so long. I could come out with a banquet with the time he spent on a few dishes. But all is good... I feel pampered and much loved~! That matters most~!

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