Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blessed~! Truly Blessed~!!

Thursday morning. None of us were working. We woke up and went to have a walk at the morning wet market. Hubby bought me a new toy, more like a Christmas present, or was it HIS new toy????? It's a cast iron pot and our kitchen seriously doesn't have enough place to keep any more pots and pans. Well, just consider this as a blessing. That Mdm Yeap's cast iron pot was sold at RM50 only. One might not trust the ingenuity of a product sold by the roadside. Time will tell. It's just RM50. If it spoils, I don't know how will a pot spoil,  but then I believe my hubby will get me something new and better. 
I asked hubby to cook so I could spend my free hours looking through my stuff. I have been cooking for many days so it's time to let the hubby play in the kitchen. He made ginger chicken using the new toy. See... I told you, he bought it for himself. The ginger used was from Bentong, Pahang. Bentong is famous for ginger. I don't eat ginger so I try to stir clear from scooping up those ginger pieces.
Then, we had the hubby's favourite dish of tofu with minced meat and eggs. All steamed together. I didn't see how he prepare this. Never interfere when someone else is busy cooking. It will spoil the dishes. Too many cooks will spoil the dishes. The taste was perfect. I do not like tofu as tofu on its own is just plain tasteless.
We have a kilo of siput lala. What is siput lala in English? That looks like a lot. Added with wolfberries, the sweetness made this dish really good. The three of us finished up the whole kilo as my precious find anything with this kinda texture disgusting. Good, less one person to share, more for us.
Another of hubby's favourite. Bean curd sheet being tied in knots. He tied them into knots himself, steamed with pumpkins. The mushrooms were okay. I prefer small sized mushrooms, though. Small sized mushrooms are more aromatic.
A white snapper was bought from the market instead of Tesco. This dish was steamed without adding water to the fish, instead the whole lemon was squeezed to get its juice. It's sour then it became sweet. Lemon is one complicated fruit. 

Why blessed? Someone commented that the portion we were cooking looked like it could feed 10 people. If I had to share all these with 10 people, I would take over the kitchen from the hubby and started cooking a storm. All these were just nice for us 4 for one meal. We were really blessed because when I was browsing through those food blogs where people went here and there to dine, looking at the prices of food which has been charged, I just couldn't afford eating outside. With the amount of food that we're eating, I think I will need to spend at least RM200 for each meal for three person. Maybe I'll go home hungry and need to rummage for more food in the kitchen cabinet. The saddest part was there's no kitchen cabinet with ready-to-be-eaten food in my house.

Thus, we are truly blessed as all of us in the house can cook and we're able to enjoy good food in large amount and at the same time bless others when we have the opportunity. Those dishes are really simple. It's how you present the food that makes it look like it will cost a bomb. 

Let's do some simple costing. I usually don't calculate how much I spend on groceries because whether I spend a lot or a little, we still have more than enough. Count your blessings one-by-one.I can't do that. My blessings are uncountable. Well, in order to save some money, for those who always eat out should consider cooking at home:

2 whole chicken legs = RM9 (Get from Tesco will be cheaper by RM2)
2 pieces of beancurd = RM1.40
200g of minced meat = RM3.40
2 Grade A eggs = RM0.90
1 packet of bean curd sheet = RM2
Dried mushrooms .... errrmmm.... RM2 maybe, I bought a lot
1 quarter of a small pumpkin = RM0.50
1 white snapper = RM9

Total = RM 28.20 for 4 of us.

Don't calculate the preparation and work. It's done out of love. All these were cook with much love. How can you put a price on love? Oh, well... I always feel everything outside is expensive. It has to be expensive to cover the cost, the labour, the gas, the sweat, the time and many more things.

The 4th long table dinner will be hosted tomorror~! Yippee~!

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