Sunday, 4 January 2015

Our Kick Off for the New Year [2015]

Just a week after we had our 4th long table dinner, we started toying around with the idea of hosting a barbecue party. I dropped the idea to see how the kitchen crew would react. They were okay with the idea as long as all of us get to sit down and enjoy the night instead of running around like a mad person to serve others. The idea of hosting the barbecue came from the hubby. We were cleaning up the front part of the house when we saw our barbecue pit buried under a heap of cardboard boxes. Hubby said that it's such a pity that we have a big barbecue pit yet we didn't utilize it properly. So, we started calling people. This time round I was really lazy to even prepare a name list. I have them roughly in the head. That's it. So, I don't even know who came and who didn't until after a few days.
I have no idea how to start the fire, using the old school charcoals. No idea at all. The last time we had barbecue, Judz' hubby did it for us. So, this time round it would be a big problem if no one was able to start the fire, I will have to learn how to do it. Hubby has to do it and the kitchen crew has to work their asses off to serve people. We didn't want to do that at all. So, I asked the neighbour one night when they were having supper at our place. She said she's a professional in starting a fire and barbecuing.  She agreed to do it so be it~! I put her in charge of everything. Excuse her for looking so pale. She has been sick for almost two weeks but yet she refused to keep herself in bed and miss the barbecue. Such a lovely neighbour I have. 
Then I was chatting with this guy and since his college was on a holiday, I invited him over. I thought he would not remember to come but he did come~! He was early. So, I sent him off to 'work' the pit. Thank you, KS Kung~! You have been a blessing to everyone. Without you, we wouldn't have such a relaxing night. Thank you again and again. I will serve you next round when you are back.
In half an hour's time, I released the meat to be put on skewers. Uncle Wayne and his wife came and they seemed to be of a real big help to my neighbour. I was helpless and hubby was not to be seen at all around the pit. He was busy making his potato chips which seemed to be a hit. We no longer need Pringles and Mr. Potato. Thank you all. That's the uncle who sells coconut by the roadside and he's the one who brought extra coconuts to bless us on the night we needed the coconut water most.
Hubby made three different flavours or was it two only. I don't know. I just know that the first batch that came out, I was busy eating them up. Then a few more people got stuck in the kitchen just munching on the potato chips. Whenever the chips are around, those who enter the kitchen will never find their way out. The moment you have those chips in your mouth, you totally forget about how fat you will be when you eat too much chips. You only know that you need to put more into your mouth.
When I went into the house to check that everything in the house was good, I came out to see all those drumsticks and chicken thighs already on the stainless steel netting. The first few were burnt black because they did not have enough hands to turn the skewers fast enough. I used my veto power in the house and asked all the youngsters to get out of the house to help out as there's no one who's gonna serve them. Instead, they have to serve the ones who are older. Out they went....
They were really amazing. A real blessing to everyone. Those youngsters whom you see as a lazy bunch who only knows how to press their smartphones could really barbecue and served others. Excellent job~!!!! Thank you for serving us for the night.
I made wonderful discoveries that night. These two best friends could really barbecue until the chicken was just right in texture. They did it in total darkness. I have poor lighting outside the house so was the neighbour's house. They barbecued the best chicken that I've ever tasted. Juicy and with the skin still intact instead of finding the chicken skin completely charred and stuck to the steel netting.
When I asked them to serve me, no kidding... they came in with a plate of this juicy chicken drumstick while some of them had completely charred chicken. It was so great that I asked them to make 10 more. Seriously, where do they learn how to barbecue perfectly? Not like they know how to cook. They make really good bacon, too. I robbed some sausages from a poor kid who stood so long to have his meal done. He walked in I robbed him until his plate became empty. I shoo-ed him out of the house and ask him to make more for himself and me.
Oh, bacon stringer~! This one also very good with the pit, yeah~! Thank you for the bacon~!! Next time I know exactly who to invite when I want to host another session of barbecue party while I just sit in the house and wait for the food to walk in. Too bad my house has very limited space. Why not do it at the field opposite? Then can have more people... just a thought.... just a thought.... my kitchen crew will run away seeing the number of guests.

Those were pulut inti neatly wrapped in banana leaves. I'm very lazy to explain what's pulut inti. The person who was really craving for pulut inti didn't make it to our barbecue party because she was so sick, she ended up in bed the whole day. What a pity~! She's hubby's colleague and one joyful eater. I missed having her in the house. I made koay teow th'ng. Recipe stolen from someone else but it wasn't as good as I expect it to be. It's not salty enough and there's not enough pepper. But we were afraid not everybody likes salty soup. Marshmallows were for the kids.
Then, the owner of Marshall's burger walked in. My professional barbecue-rs took a photo with him. He will not be able to hire them. The two of them are too expensive to be hired. Thank you for coming over even for a short while only.
Another amazing discovery was the three of them started getting really crazily drunk before they even tasted the wine. Amazing, right? By the way, the doc was holding an empty bottle. I don't know how could one get drunk holding an empty bottle. A photo tells a thousand words. You can make your own story with one photo. Depends on how creative you are. That's what the Education System of this year wants. Look at one picture and let your mind runs wild. I need to teach so I have to let my imagination runs really wild so, everyone can do it, too. Muahahhaha~!
Finally, both of them got to really sit down. And that was already half past ten at night. Thank you so much both of you. 
Oh, I didn't know there's a massage service in the house. Anyone massage me, I will give him or her karate kick~! *woots* What a wonderful way to start the year with much laughter and fun. Thank you everyone who came... Jutaan terima kasih saya lanjutkan kepada semua yang hadir.
Fancy seeing this on the whiteboard :D A good reminder to everyone. Whichever house you go to for dinner or parties, don't throw food away. The one hosting will have a bleeding heart. Food is not cheap everything is just so expensive so when your friends choose to bless you, please don't bless the rubbish bin instead. Thank you~! I will not serve food that's not delicious... no worries.

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