Thursday, 22 January 2015

Steamed and Braised....

If there's one thing that I do not know how to cook, it would be steamed egg dishes. I literally fail to steam egg. That looks beautiful but you can cut out one piece and throw it on my rabbit. My rabbit will suffer a bad concussion. Why on earth is it so hard? I bet you will hear the 'thud' sound once that piece landed on a ground. And another thing is I totally hate broccoli~! I just like the brightness of the green to beautify the dish. 
Ahhh.... I have no problem with steam fish. No problem at all. I still prefer salty and sweet steamed fish dishes. For this one I did not put any rock sugar so it's not sweet at all. I hope hubby will like those two. Hehehehe....
Oh.... oh.... I love this to the max. Braised pork belly with dried oyster and yam. I don't know what's wrong with the dried oyster. I like dried shrimps and dried mushrooms but dried oysters tasted funny. How many hours am I suppose to soak them? Should have changed the dried oysters to dried shrimps but the taste would be altered. Actually I can just have this one dish with basmathi rice and I'm good to go. 

Talk about going.... I need to go already. 8 hours of work. When people come back from work, I'm rushing off to work. The week is coming to an end too soon.

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