Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Salted Fish Experience..

Yesterday night, the whole bird was marinated. The first time I cooked this, someone told me that the chicken just need to be marinated with salt. I think it's rather tasteless so I this time round I did it my style. I have everything all over the chicken and gave it a good massage and also a back rub. Then, I left the chicken to sleep in the refrigerator.
Then, while the chicken was seated firmly in the pot, I tried out this new kind of dish. It's yam with evaporated milk plus vegetables and shimeiji mushroom. Anyway, it's not such a good combination with the chicken. I prefer savoury dishes instead of sweet. Evaporated milk is not in my list of stuff that I like.
Then, I was thinking of making salted fish fried rice. I have a whole big salted fish which flew all the way from Kuching, Sarawak. Thank you Mabel for your kiam hu~! Usually, I will just get a small packet from the market that cost only RM4. Then, there's quite a wide range of good quality salted fish. When I opened up the newspaper which the salted fish from Kuching was wrapped in, I got a real good surprise. I've never have a whole salted fish all to myself before. The fish scales were still intact. I was thinking of using a pair of scissors to cut part of it as I only needed 30 grammes. It was quite hard to cut so I transferred it to the chopping board and used my big knife. The scales wouldn't budge. I didn't know what to do. I washed my hands and called the hubby. Hubby never heard of salted fish with scales intact. He asked me to walk to the market to get some which would make life easier. But it was noon and I bet the stores were closed and I refused to walk under the scorching hot sun. So, I told him never mind I will figure out.

I was very tempted to snap a picture of that salted fish and Watsapp Mabel, the person who brought me salted fish and ask her,"Hi... what you do with this big fish?" Then, I became wise and I flipped the fish over. There... there.... There's a big slit and it's easy to remove the flesh without hacking the whole fish. I got my 30 grammed using a pair of scissors and used my fingers to pluck out the big fish scales. Kinda fun doing that.
There, my plate of salted fish fried rice. The aroma would send you floating. It's not like some salted fish which smell so badly you would feel like puking. This one has no such smell. Me love this~! And it's not extremely salty till you feel dehydrated after eating it.
The chicken was ready. The three of us attacked the chicken mercilessly. It's really good so we planned to have it again next week... with herbal ingredients next.... Hehheheheheehe.... 
Mi mama made my favourite konnyaku jelly... this is the transparent konnyaku with lychee flavour. I like orange and lychee flavours... can finish the whole container even with a full stomach~!

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