Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pieces. Sticks. Bowls.

It's hubby's cooking day because it's my working day. So, of course we had something deep fried. I walked into the house and had a good plate of Singapore bee hoon, better than compared to yesterday. Due to severe hunger, the camera was forgotten to snap a pic. But the crispy fried chicken got the honour to have the first pic for the day. The skin still needs improvement then I can have KFC's hot and spicy crispy fried chicken right from my kitchen. 
Hubby said he has a surprise for me. Halfway through the class, I went to the kitchen to have a cold cup of water and he was busy poking chicken meat through the sharp sticks. He's making satay~! The colour is the same as any satay~!! They look like the satay we always buy from Teluk Kumbar.
Then, they're done~! The taste... a little bit more... and I can kiss goodbye to Teluk Kumbar satay. I love my hubby~! My hubby is fantastic... yippee~!!!! As usual, hubby cooked too much so we invited neighbour over for simple dinner. Amanda couldn't make it. She's still sick and rolling in bed. Her hubby said she has been coughing the whole night through and wondered why we didn't hear her coughing. *sigh* If I can hear her coughing from the bedroom, which is only beside our bedroom, I will send her straight to hospital to get her lungs removed and washed in detergent. It must be very clogged up somewhere along the tract. Oh, since she can't eat anything heavy, I folded my long sleeves and within 30 minutes, viola~! Yen's best meatball soup with vermicelli. We tried the meatballs and they were awesome but I am such a professional, I made JUST NICE one bowl for her and nobody else.... wwwwaaaaaaaaaa..... 

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