Monday, 19 January 2015

Ooh La La~!

I'm getting better in frying lala. You just need to have fast hands. Prepare all the ingredients and then use that black wok like you're frying char koay teow. In less than 2 minutes, the lala would open their mouths big. Stop frying as you will not want dehydrated lala. I have mine the exact texture I wanted. Fat with liquid still inside the body. Yeah, I fry them alive. I know it sounded a bit heartless but nothing can be done. I wanted them fresh. You wouldn't want to eat dead lala. You might get food poisoning. That's kam heong lala with fresh chillies, belachan and dried shrimps. And more to make it 'heong'... that's fragrant in the Cantonese dialect.
Dried cuttlefish with pork stew. I kinda like this style of cooking where you cook until the water in the pot was left with 1% only. The taste was really good. And the meat.... tender~! I feel like I'm a better cook this year. No more simply cooking as I no longer need to rush to school to fetch my girls. I officially retired from doing so this year. I'm a relaxed cook now. I have more time for self to prepare paperwork. My work is endless~! When I think I have more time for self, I ended up having more work to do. 
This dish is way too Chinese. That rounded thing was not pig's tail or an ox's tail. It's just drumstick mushroom cut into pieces. Then I cut the okra as well. The yam bean and purple cabbage were meant to be eaten raw but please, don't ask me to eat any raw vegetables. I would faint. I mix everything and cook them with taucu. I have no liking for taucu but I have three bottles of different taucu. The only raw stuff that I would go for is sashimi. I welcome sashimi anytime~! Raw seafood ... good.... Raw beef also acceptable. Raw vegetables... no no~!

The noodles was a different type. I think it's from Taiwan. Lobster noodles.... but I didn't taste any lobster at all....

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