Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lunch on the Table...

Today is still hubby's cooking day because it's still my working day. Everyday seems to be my working day. By next week, it will be both our working days from Mondays to Saturdays so I'll take back my kitchen completely. Hubby had everything ready on the table today instead of having me wait while shaking all over from hunger. Hubby changed the recipe for his satay and it's spicier than yesterday. I prefer yesterday's because today's tasted like those chicken sold on skewers during the Ramadhan month for the breaking of fast.
Another of hubby's deep-fried delicious dish with prawns wrapped in bean curd sheet and some minced meat to decorate the top part. I planned to have dinner instead of lunch and maybe go to the field outside to work out but suddenly it rained cats and dogs. So, I ended up in front of the computer after having a hearty meal while listening to Planetshakers' 'This is Our Time'. Will be off to work in less than an hour.
Those thighs were placed in convection oven. Yeah, we have lots of different tools and machines in the kitchen. I probably can open a shop selling electrical stuff for kitchen. Chicken tasted like those selling at the economical rice stall. Superb~!
Excuse the blur photo~! I drove at top speed to come home and the hunger is showing through shaking hands. Scallop with winter melon. Hubby has not learn the art of making the best soup yet. I have mastered the soup making part. Yoohoo~!!!

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