Monday, 12 January 2015

The Comeback of Mundane Lifestyle...

The house is quiet once again. With not even a soul. The morning class ended and I have the privilege to be in the kitchen all by myself. I have decided to cook three dishes each day. It's not difficult neither is it easy.
The red fish was washed and put in steamer. I have never steam a fish this way before. The fish need to be lifted up while steaming so that the fish will not be soaked in its own juice after steaming. It's just dry.
I over-garnished the steamed fish with preserved sweet vegetables instead of using preserved salted vegetables. The coriander was used to add more colour. The soy sauce was boiled with rock sugar. The use of rock sugar over coarse sugar will give a different taste of sweetness. I have always prefer using the rock sugar. I really like the texture of the red fish.
A small pot of simple meatball soup with Chinese cabbage. The minced meat was mixed with roasted water chestnut which I have pounded into oblivion. The taste was extremely good. Not bad for the day. I'm Chinese so I like Chinese cuisine.
I almost forgot to deep fry those yam pieces. It was really crunchy with the batter a mixture of all sort of flour. Then, you will need to toss the deep-fried yam into a thick gravy of evaporated milk with crushed yolks of salted duck eggs. Hubby love them very much.

I cook to please my hubby and make mi mama has good food. I'm happy as long as I have good food. Thank you Lord for the never ending providence.

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