Monday, 5 January 2015

Eating... A Serious Business...

The price of petrol has gone down but the price of raw materials don't seem to budge lower. Why everything so expensive? I wish I own a vegetable farm and rear chickens, cows, sheep and own a prawn farm and fish farm and lastly, a coffin industry. There, then I can earn all the money in the world. Last Saturday, I was busy working round the clock that I had no time to cook my own lunch so hubby got me a packet of chicken rice. The chicken thigh itself cost RM8. Why???? The price of one thigh is less than RM1.20. How many times are you earning? So, the amount that I'm using to feed 7 people is equivalent to the amount of feeding 3 people now. I cannot afford to eat out already.
Eating is a very serious business. You can't just eat something cheap and hope that you will be healthy. If you save on food, you will spend more on medication when your body breaks down due to lack of this and that. Today, we chose to eat something simple. I lack of time to cook something very proper as my working hours has not been adjusted properly yet. The school session will only start next week then my life would return to normal. I made curry chicken without cooking rice. So, we had bread with curry chicken. No doubt the curry doesn't look red but it's really spicy because the dried chillies that I'm using is from the extra spicy category. I don't use ready made curry chicken mix because it's so expensive I feel that buying shallots, lemongrass and other spices to blend them all by myself is way cheaper. You don't use that much of everything. There's potatoes inside but chopped into smaller pieces. I don't like such big chunk of potatoes.
I made a small plate of tofu pizza. Just trying out with all sorts of herbs already sitting in the kitchen. When you see cheddar cheese, you don't have to purposely buy a big huge cuboid-shape cheddar to grate. You seriously don't use that much and if you don't have any dishes that require the use of cheddar then by keeping it in the fridge, it will still turn mouldy after a few weeks. Just use the cheese slice to be eaten with bread slices. It's still cheddar.

Hubby's making his best potato chips later to feed the piranhas~! Got to work now~!
We have Nutella cheesecake made by mi mama. I don't draw batik on food. Only mi mama can do this kinda creative work of art. I only know how to bake something edible. Everything goes into stomach but obviously when something looks beautiful, it becomes tastier, too.

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