Monday, 12 January 2015

How Much Does This Meal Cost?

Prawns. I was thinking of buying some prawns from Tesco but the size of the prawns were so tiny, I wasn't use to such small-sized prawns. Then, I thought of going to the wet market in Batu Lanchang. I was thinking of the lady who sold us the prawns earlier. It was a good price. But sadly, there's no more prawns from her stall. I suspect they keep those prawns frozen to be released before right before Chinese New Year. Every year they do the same thing. So, we went to another stall. I had a feeling this man was not honest in doing business. Those 3 prawns cost me RM40. Yeah, so I bought them without arguing. At this age now, I don't feel like arguing with anyone except with the hubby. There's much joy arguing with him. 
Then, we bought a kilo of clams for RM12. I wanted another type but the lorry has not arrived. I did not have even a 5-minute patience to wait let alone asking me to wait for the lorry for half an hour. I only want to go home straight. I dislike the scorching hot afternoon sun.
The red fish was very fresh from Tesco yesterday. That whole big fish cost RM18.88 irregardless of size. We took the biggest fish, of course. So, you pan fry that fish and then you remove the flesh. Return the flesh to a wok of boiling soup with Chinese wine. It's a treasure pot with all those seafood. Since it's a Chinese cuisine so you have Chinese cabbage as well which cost RM4.41. 
Drunken seafood...
Then, you add some mushrooms into the soup and adjust the taste with whatever seasoning that you have. So, that bowl of drunken seafood multiplied by 3 cost RM77.
Pork curry...
Pork curry with muscle meat and also traffic lights. Those were the three colours from the bell peppers. I detest that fresh taste coming from those bell peppers but mi mama loves them. I'm suppose to deep fry the pork. Do you know why you need to deep fry them for awhile after marinating them? Have you heard of the process called velveting? You seal those marinades instead of letting them flow freely all over the pan but I found a better way to velvet them. I can't remember how much is the meat. But roughly I can say that our dinner cost us less than RM100 even with that expensive prawns.
Miso tofu...
If you only thought of using miso paste as your soup, there's another use for your miso paste. Use this as the flavouring for your tasteless tofu. Pan fry them... don't burn them into black flattened piece of tofu. In order not to break those tofu, you may use Teochew tofus. Teochew tofu is as resilient as the Teochew people. I'm a Teochew so I know what I'm talking about. I rolled on the bed until 8:30a.m. and I was left with no Teochew tofu. I had to make do with the normal tofu. At least I didn't smash them. These tofus should come with a label "FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE". By the way, a piece of tofu cost 60 cents only, so multiplied by 3 it's not even RM2. 

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