Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Simple Mid-Week Lunch...

So soon... It's already the middle of the week. And it's the second week of the month. Before long the month of January will just go off. It seemed like only a few days back we celebrated the ushering of the new year. I didn't have much in my plan except for preparing answer sheets. It's like I'm the one going to sit for exam now. So, I cooked something simple today. It's pan grilled rosemary chicken. Since I do not like such dry dish, I added some water and let the chicken thighs simmer in the pan.
And I made a simple plate of mixed vegetables or else the hubby might feel that I'm not giving him enough greens. The two packs of vegetables shrunk while being blanched. It's not simple actually. It's very troublesome to make a nice plate of dish. The mushrooms and carrots need to be blanched until soft. Then, I waited for awhile before I started frying the ham pieces that I've cut. When the ham pieces were almost done, I hoisted up the carrots and mushrooms and transferred them into the sizzling hot wok. Then, you don't use plain water to fry them. You ladled up some water from the pot which you used to blanch those carrots and mushrooms. You needed the sweetness of carrots to enhance the taste. You don't add sugar to this anymore. Then, I blanched the siew pak choy from Cameron Highlands and then transferred them into the work as well. There.... there.... one dish done. I continued with my paperwork there after.
Mi mama made a surprise lunch visit with a plate of yummy yummy bishop's nose. I love this.... ooo la la.... I'm done with lunch and will need to continue work from 3pm to 10pm. One hour in between to brave through the evening messy traffic. Ugh~!

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