Saturday, 7 March 2015

Chap Goh Meh...

I practically don't celebrate anything properly. All of us also like that. We're the rebellious sort who go against the norm. Break all unwritten rules~! *woots* Mi mama was quite free on Thursday so she went to the garden and plucked some greens. That's screwpine leaves cut and waiting to be blended.
Then, the blue pea flowers were plucked directly from the garden as well, waiting to be squeezed in hot water.
Mi mama then made those natural-coloured balls using natural sources. The blue was from the blue pea flowers, the orange was from carrots, the yellow was from custard powder, the green was from the screwpine leaves and the white was just the glutinous rice flour.
The syrup was slowly boiled with some screwpine leaves and a chunk of ginger. I did not even help out because this is just not me to do all these.I only helped to eat. On the stove beside, I busied myself with something else.
The yam was cut and then deep-fried. After deep-frying, all were tossed into the wok to be braised for a while before the pak choy was added. I love this kinda cooking. Save me the energy and hearty to the stomach.
I braised the whole pork knuckle with some special sauce then added the radish in during the last quarter braising process. The result was awesome. I went to take a look outside and saw the neighbour's car parked at the porch. Called up the neighbours and asked them over by lunch.
The neighbour walked over with curry prawns. Ahhh.... delicious... so my neighbour also can cook. We didn't have enough rice so we asked the neighbour to bring over their own rice and gave some to us. Actually we had some leftover rice but it wasn't enough and I was not keen to cook extra rice to be kept in the refrigerator later for a few more days.
We had this after having our heavy lunch. The glutinous rice ball in syrup added with longan. Nice... really nice... I wonder what will hubby surprise me with tomorrow.

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