Saturday, 7 March 2015

Something Braised... and Lots of Bread~!

I love everything braised especially pork. It's pork ribs in soft bone on Wednesday. I love this to the max. I wish I can braise the whole pig. 
Then the pig leg's tendon which was so thick and hard was completely soften when I put them in the slow cooker overnight. The tendon was really good maybe I'll do it again but in a different dish. After done with two dishes, I know bak kwa is coming my way so I decided to make an English grant loaf.
That was one very heavy loaf. And that loaf was left with two more slices only. Hhehheehhee...
That's my bak kwa squashed in between the heave loaf. I just chop my two slices and left the rest of the loaf on the chopping board.
Mi mama made lots and lots of buns. I can live on bread alone. The cheesy sausage rolls were *nom nom nom*
More sausage rolls.... *nom nom nom*
Then we have the red bean paste buns as well. Aaaahhh.... I think you know my life is all about food... and more food...

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