Monday, 23 March 2015

One Week Away...

For the whole of last week, I was away from my kitchen. I replaced almost 90% of my classes that were cancelled end of last year. So, it was a really hectic week from 8a.m. until 10p.m. Before the start of the busy schedule, my precious baked that lovely rich chocolate cake. It was really good. No wonder her first ambition was to be a baker and now that was just left as the 'first ambition' buried together with all her primary school books. I don't know where she got the idea that she would want to be a baker when she grows up.

The whole week was quite crazy. I only remembered getting up from bed and the next moment, I was in the car and on the road. Hubby took over the kitchen as he has less classes.
There was one Tuesday that I thought he made fried rice but it turned out to be the best glutinous rice. I wonder where he got the recipe from but he said it's all from his head. Yeah, most of his recipes whether perfect or totally not edible, came from his own mind.
There was another day he made this. The taste was exactly like that prepared by 'chu char' eh chefs. In conclusion, I don't need to go out to have good food. I can just sit around at home and wait for food to appear on the table.
Mi mama made this pork trotter with soy sauce I think. Cannot be black vinegar ma... *slurp slurp slurp* It's just half of the trotter. I never buy half a trotter before. I always buy the whole trotter.
Hubby's concoction of teriyaki chicken was superb. Anything from hubby is good.
Then, I had my soft-boiled eggs for breakfast on a Sunday. The browned waffles were not waffles. They were bread squashed in waffle maker. The other one was cheese waffle. Good breakfast we had on a Sunday morning.
My Babitto died suddenly and we got this rich peanut butter Sunnyside ice-cream to drown our sorrows. I know what snuffed Babitto's life just in a click of an eye. I regretted being so busy and tired or I would have more cuddle time with him. Babitto went off to heaven earlier.... have a great time hopping around in God's garden. 
Actually we wanted to have shaved ice but after checking out the price, my wallet shut down automatically. It's RM14.90 and for the ice-cream it was roughly RM6.90 per scoop so we bought the whole 1.65 litres tub and we had four scoops each and we still have some more. No worries about how many scoops we wanted to have.
Just yesterday, hubby prepared dinner. This was really good. It's baked black tilapia. We eat cheap fish. A black tilapia cost us only RM4.99.... RM5 la.... but when the price RM4.99 was mentioned, it sounded a lot cheaper. RM5 sounded really expensive.
We had mussel basmathi rice instead of risotto. I don't know where to get risotto but since risotto was just another type of rice from a Western country, it's okay to replace risotto with whatever rice grain you could get. After cooking for more than a decade, neither of us bothered much to follow any recipes to the dot. None of us followed the measurements for ingredients as well.
Hubby then prepared onion soup. It was really smooth but a bit to the salty side. We're still perfecting our cooking but it's rather difficult as we never repeat what we cooked.

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