Thursday, 26 March 2015

Smoked "Pu Er" Chicken...

My first time smoking. Sounds very wrong. It's my first time smoking chicken. Also sounds wrong. Three whole chicken legs were smoked in a non non-stick pan. If you were to use a non-stick pan, you would surely spoil that non-stick coating when you place the aluminium foil on it. I know because it has been tried and tested. I literally destroyed two non-stick pans many years ago because I placed aluminium foil on it. How would I know it's not meant to be used in such a way? It's not written anywhere. So learnt through experience. I used the old school wok to smoke those whole chicken legs with "pu er" tea leaves. Mix the tea leaves with some rice and brown sugar, once it started to smoke let it smoke~! Cover for 6 minutes and that's what you will get. Flip those legs and cover for another 6 minutes.
You will have to try it to know what's the taste like. It's fantastic~! And it's easy to make. No fuss at all.
Made some meat balls with mixed vege. I'm getting better at making meat balls. The taste was great, too. Two dishes... really simple and *burp* excuse me... Need to go to work now...

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