Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What Happen to That Fish?

 Today I double-boiled ginseng chicken again so my precious got to eat it. She loves this kinda herbal soup and of course with her all time favourite chicken. Added extra two pieces of whole chicken legs. The taste was incredibly good.
I checked on my tofu fish in the steamer. Yes, the fish is tofu fish. The fish just removed its bones on its own. The texture of the fish was somewhat like that of a mud crab. I seriously don't know what happen has gone wrong with the fish. I definitely did not over-steam it. I kept to my 12 minutes of steaming a big fish.
Where has my pork floss gone to? I have a whole new packet of pork floss given by Mabel. But we searched the whole house and couldn't find the pork floss at all~! WHO TOOK MY PORK FLOSSSSS????

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