Sunday, 1 March 2015

Food~ Glorious Food~!

This is hubby's trademark punch and it's to die for~! All who have come to the house would agree unless you are a health freak who refused to eat anything sweet. I, on the other hand, love them sweet and salty but not overdoing it at the same time. My life is at equilibrium. Right now, while typing away on the black keyboard, I'm waiting for the hubby to make mushroom soup.
I did not cook on Wednesday because we were really tired of eating. Why would people want to stuff themselves full only during the Chinese New Year? Shouldn't we dine like a king every single day? On Wednesday, I made fried rice the lazy cook's style of dumping everything into the wok. I did not even bother with the seasoning. I had two big plates of fried rice yet my stomach felt like it has been abused. So, on Thursday I decided to make something wonderful. It's not 'poon choy'. It's just a platter with everything, cooked separately yet together. What's so grand about having abalone? It's just... abalone. I love my braised pork belly... done it to perfection and I do like those razor clams. Sea cucumbers are yucks~!
Hubby has an odd liking for bitter gourd. So, I cooked a dish for him. He bought such a huge bitter gourd for himself. Whenever I was about done cooking, I would try out the taste. It was so horribly bitter, sucking on paracetamol would be better than this.
Mi mama enjoys baking small and minute cakes. The left was chocolate while the right was rainbow. I prefer the rainbow butter mini cakes. Hehehehee.... Adios, gonzales~!

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