Friday, 6 March 2015

Prosperity Pot~!

I don't know why this dish is called 'Prosperity Pot'. I changed the main ingredient of sea cucumber to fish maw. I just do not fancy eating sea cucumber. I love fish maw to the max~! I wonder why in Chinese cuisine that's deem to be expensive has broccoli. Broccoli ain't expensive at all. Then there's quail's eggs, mushrooms, carrots and pig leg's tendon. I have no experience in handling the tendon so we ended up separating the tendons into another plate. It's worse than chewing on thick and hard rubber.
Hubby wants more green on the table. It's the most green I've ever seen on the table. I have to think really hard how to stir fry that vegetable. In the end I used the sambal dried shrimp that went really well, according to the hubby. I didn't even try a leaf of it.
Nestle fried ice-cream made an appearance in the evening. My precious got straight A's in her SPM and that's all she asked for. Got her two boxes of deep-fried ice-cream... before long I won't be surprise when hubby makes his own...

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