Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pumpkin & Fried Chicken...

Finally, I realized how to cut a pumpkin without hacking it using all my strength. Usually after hacking the whole pumpkin, I would be totally exhausted. Yesterday, I was staring at the pumpkin and I was thinking those lines must have its good use. So, I turned the pumpkin upside down and started slicing according to those lines and it was easy as heck. Before long, the whole pumpkin was done. It first I wanted to hack the pumpkin into halves and just use half of it but since it was so easy to slice the pumpkin. I ended up using the whole pumpkin.
This is a very simple pumpkin dish with snow peas, baby sweet corn and black fungus. I added some roasted chestnuts for the fun of it. Then, it was done after shaking all the home made food enhancer.
I made the best fried chicken yesterday according to the hubby. The chicken was marinated with milk and Chinese wine. The taste was.... hehehehehe.... of course, I have my concoction of secret marinades. All of us have those secret marinade especially the hubby.

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