Friday, 6 March 2015

Sunday Morning Surprise~!

I'm a bit slow in updating this virtual kitchen diary of mine. Can't find any extra time in hand. Well, last Saturday nite, hubby kept saying that he's going to surprise me. He loves anything crunchy or deep-fried or both. In the morning, I woke up seeing him busying himself in the kitchen, using up my leftover Borg's puff pastry. He has even prepared that ingredients for the puff fillings. I wonder what time he woke up.
While waiting for his pastry to take shape, I have the fried chicken to keep me occupied. It's really crispy and I can eat a few if only there's a few. Hubby is weird. Whenever the food was superb, it's so limited that only one person was entitled to one. When he made horrible food, there seemed to be no rationing at all, but there's a free-flow instead.
I wanted to have my fried chicken with Thai chilli sauce but he said he has made something better. He made cheesy dip~! Oh, that's just marvelous and that's only our breakfast before going to church on a Sunday morning. Really heavy stuff to eat in the morning and because I woke up late, there's no time to even gobble down the puff. So, we went to worship God and came home for lunch.
I asked hubby to make me chicken soup but since we didn't have any, he made mushroom soup instead. I sent the bowl back to the kitchen because it was too diluted. He went back to perfecting the mushroom soup until it was really creamy. Love him for that~!
That's the puff with curry chicken filling or was it with pork belly? I'm not sure which is which but the taste was awesome. For dinner, we went to Nippon Yataimura.What a way to relax on a Sunday~!

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