Monday, 9 March 2015

Lunch Combo 1...

It's Monday again. A rather difficult day to decide the menu of the week. Sunday was supposed to be the day which I planned for the weekly menu but I decided not to stress myself thinking of what to eat. Monday morning was quite short to plan so I had to decide fast. Today's rice was tomato rice. I adjusted the taste so that it would suit our taste buds.
Soup was carrot and orange soup. I added some siew pak choy, baby corns which were my favourite and some mushrooms. It was suppose to be empty. Just carrot blended and juice from an orange. I don't have an orange so I poured in some F&N carbonated orange.
Tried making meatloaf. It wasn't hard. Just the waiting time that took more than an hour.
Came out perfectly. The taste was also adjusted according to our taste buds. A simple yet delicious combination I should say. I'm knackered for now.

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