Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eat Again~!

 The next day when I woke, I found myself crawling to the kitchen again. Another day, another different dish. This was on Tuesday and we had lesser people coming over. I have dumped ikan siakap and changed to ikan merah. Tilapia fillet is always welcome and I like salt water fish compared to fresh water fish.
The gravy for the fish overflowed so hubby transferred them to another plate.
I killed a big bird for the cast iron pot. It felt really good tearing at the tender chicken. Before long, hubby's friends started walking in to have another bout of reunion.
Looks like this kitchen seems to be a good place to reunite people. They had a good fun talk but I was so tired I collapsed myself on the bed upstairs then in less than an hour, from a cook in the house I turned into a driver. I'm glad hubby got to meet all his long lost friends.

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