Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kaya = Rich.... Saya Buat Kaya = I Make Rich???

When hubby mentioned that he wanted to surprise me with pulut tatai, I have other things in mind. Yesterday's sambal tumis pulut was one of the ideas I had. Today, hubby made the nangka seri muka that yellow pieces were not mango but honey jackfruit. It tasted just like the mango pudding of Thai-style.
That's how it looks like after left to cool. We had a few pieces only, while the neighbour came to grab some home and tomorrow we'll give everything away to hubby's workplace. I don't have any more storage left in the refrigerator and I'm going to cook something else for tomorrow. No room in the tummy to store so many other types of food, too.
When we first bought the breadmaker, I remembered very well that the salesman said that the breadmaker can be used to make kaya. Kaya in direct translation means rich. I don't know what is it in English. Don't have the strength to Google to check it out. You can go ahead and find out about it. There are only four things needed here. Eggs, sugar, fresh coconut milk and screw pine leaves. After an hour and 5 minutes, the bread maker destroyed all my hopes and dreams of making kaya. I ended up doing it the old-school style. I had been thinking for many years how come hubby never buy me a double boiler. We never had a double-boiler so how am I going to make kaya? While stacking up pots and more pots into a box, I realized that I DO HAVE A DOUBLE BOILER all these while~!!!! There... there... and I'm using them everyday separately. *sigh*
After stirring from the marble wok and straining the mixture, the stirring continues in the double-boiler. You need to keep on stirring in order to get such smooth texture. I will kill anyone who asks me to make kaya again. I planned to spend my night sitting in front of the computer, but I ended up standing in the kitchen. When I was beating the eggs and sugar, I got a really big amount of mixture. I thought I would make a big tub of kaya but since I lack in experience, after stirring, I got only one tiny bowl of kaya. 
I wanted the kaya just because of my blue glutinous rice. It's really blue not because of blue dye. It's seriously natural from our blue pea flowers in our garden. You just need some skills to really get the colour out. The kaya was really delicious but all glutinous rice will leave the house early tomorrow morning. I will just keep the kaya for a few days. Will think of what to do with it... Maybe I need to start making bread.

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