Thursday, 19 February 2015

38 Years Later...

He's hubby's ex-classmate. And they found each other again through Facebook. Facebook wasn't that bad afterall, it depends on how you put it to good use. It was yesterday but since I'm still working, there wasn't much time to prepare anything ahead. It so happened that my menu was really short. I only have two dishes that I wanted to cook. That's all so I quickly baked a cake.
The baking temperature was only 150-degree Celsius. I froze looking at the temperature for the oven because I have been conned by a few recipes which required such baking temperature and it took forever to bake. I was praying hard that it would not be a failure or else I would have to run to the bakery outside to grab a birthday cake. It turned out to be perfect but there wasn't time to decorate at all. So, I released the task to the hubby. Hubby's friend wanted to give us a treat since it was his birthday but to me it didn't sound quite right. It should be the other way round so in order to have some time together to chit chat, we invited him over and surprised him with the cake.
I think I have started with Chinese New Year's traditional dishes since the beginning of the month. This is pork belly steamed with Chinese sausages. Surprisingly, it was really good. So steamed dishes are actually nicer than deep-fried if you know how to do it well.
I spent most of my time making assortment of balls. Prawn balls, meat balls and another one with chilli and spring onion, all floating in anchovy stock.Hubby's friend is such a small eater. If I were to cook up a storm, I don't think he can finish anything. Hehehehe.... We gave a portion of the cake to our plumber who came to our rescue at night. We had a wonderful chat with such knowledgeable plumber. I have a few slices more of the cake which I plan to swallow for tomorrow's breakfast. 

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