Friday, 20 February 2015

Dinner with Friends...

So, we had a very different Chinese New Year celebration this year. Hubby's starting to meet up again with his ancient classmates. The last time they met was in the late 1970's. Sounds ancient to me because I haven't existed during those time. Those were cookie containers as we were all done with food. We have extremely good eaters here who finished up everything. No leftovers~! Yay~!!
This was quite a complicated dish with mushroom, vegetarian abalone, 5-spice bean curd, carrots and green bell pepper. Oh, there's also fresh button mushroom and I'm suppose to add another type of mushroom but the wok was threatening to overflow and I split those into two plates.
Orange pork which I regretted not braising them. I love juicy and tender pork unlike this one. Hhmmm... next time I'll braise every dish of pork..
This was by far the best that I've ever tasted. I'm really good with chicken dish. It's steam chicken and the flavour actually came from the spring onions. *slurp slurp*
Every year got fish. That's the direct translation from the Chinese saying which until today I have no idea what's the meaning of that phrase. Something went wrong with my plum sauce so I quickly changed the plum sauce into sour plum and let it simmer for a while before bathing the fish which has been steamed for 12 minutes.
Hubby made the best shark's fins soup. Shark's fin was of course fake but crab meat was real. Egg white was real as well. I love that soup. Love it to bits.
Of course we had dessert sponsored by Judz. And we had all the Chinese New Year cookies. Eventually every one was too full to eat up everything. So, will continue on Monday. Hubby's friends and my friends coming over on Monday and then I don't know when am I gonna start doing my paperwork. What a lazy bunch of people we are.
The group photo. We should be carrying lamb instead of rabbits. For rabbit year my rabbits will be famous~!

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