Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine Love...

Last Thursday I decided to make a loaf of bread to go with my kaya. But after not making a bread for months, I don't remember which button to press. Thus, I pressed the wrong button and instead of setting the program 3 hours 25 minutes, it went to 58 minutes. I was wondering what went wrong with the bread maker. Whatever happened to the 3 long hours and how did the time become shorten by so much. I didn't know what to do and I let the bread maker walked its way. After 58 minutes, obviously there's nothing much to rejoice.
Oh, other than spoiling the bread, I destroyed my first batch of kaya also using the bread maker. It's suppose to be able to make kaya but I think I might have pressed the wrong button again to fast forward baking. So, hubby rescued both the bread and the kaya. The bread as you can see was loaded with 200g of raisins, madness me poured everything in to make raisin bread but I ended up with a perfect white loaf. Hubby baked the premature loaf of raisin bread in the oven then it became some sort of a bread and cake. Then that kaya was rescued and it tasted so much like banana yogurt, and I wonder how did that happen. Both became extremely delicious and my kitchen crew highlighted that all our spoiled food turned out to be the best of all.
Today is Valentine's Day or should I say yesterday was Valentine's Day... with the huge loaf left cut in slices, I wanted to have bull's eyes on the toasted loaf but I became lazy after going for a shopping spree with hubby. I was thinking of digging a hole on the toast and make a heart shape for hubby but I didn't offer my thoughts to him. Somehow or other, he could still read my mind. He gave me this for my lunch... and I love him so. He's definitely more creative than I am.
The biggest love of all with two small Bombay toast small hearts and my Babitto's signature design of a rabbit head. That's cheese slice.
We couldn't finish this so left this for my precious as her lunch as well. She can survive with eggs only while I can survive on bread alone. Hubby could survive on air... hahhahaha

I love you... thank you for your creative surprise~! I'm more surprise that you could read my mind...

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