Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday Cooking...

This is the best chicken dish I've ever made and tasted. The chicken was part braised and partly it was the caramel melting from the rock sugar. Then, the mushrooms were thrown in and braised for a bit. By the smell of the dish, I was already satisfied to the max~! For the first time in my life, I skinned the red apple, simply cut them into small pieces and threw them into the wok as well. The orange was sliced when everything else was done. Red apple was sweet and orange was also very sweet. No, I did not know how to choose apples and oranges. I just went to the fruit stall at the market, got a lemon, an apple and an orange. The fruit seller asked me why I never choose, I told him it makes no difference to me. As long as I'm a happy buyer, the fruits will be happy to follow me home.
Omelette with leek and Chinese sausage. The omelette looked dry but do not be fooled by what you see. The taste was superb except that I dislike the taste of leek. Actually I wanted to substitute leek with the spring onion growing in abundance, but I also wanted to try out the taste of this recipe. The verdict was, it was good but I did not like it.
The red snapper went for a dive with broccoli, carrots and cabbages. Soft tofu went in as well for a swim. The taste was already okay until I decided to throw in the wood ear fungus. The wood ear fungus totally destroyed the taste. I have no liking for wood ear fungus but I still have half a packet in the drawer.
Hubby bought bitter gourd and planned to cook it on his own. But since he did not have the time to do it, me being a good temporary housewife decided to cook up something nice using his bitter gourd. Don't ask me how's the taste of the dish. I refused to even try out the taste. According to hubby, it was good.
Yesterday, hubby said he wanted to surprise me by making pulut inti. I think hubby did not realize that I don't eat pulut inti. I love pulut tatai the one with kaya. So, instead of pulut inti, I made sambal tumis with kerisik. In the end, I still don't like it. So, I will make my own kaya tomorrow. I hope I don't spoil the kaya as it would be my first time making kaya. *sigh* Cooking is tough and taking up many hours of my life in a day. No wonder people are willing to pay for outside food. I'm still not willing to pay for others to earn. I'm terrible this way...

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